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Turkey: Solar Hot Water Systems supply 20,000 low-income Family Flats

Solar water heaters are gaining importance in Turkey’s social housing projects: Over the last years, the country’s Housing Development Administration (TOKI) has provided a total of 20,000 flats for low-income families with solar hot water. According to Munik Durak, these projects have, for the most part, been realised at newly constructed blocks of flats consisting of 40 to 50 units (see photo). Furthermore, the director of TOKI´s project department stated that TOKI had installed solar heating systems in 100 hospitals all around the country.

Hüdaverdi Yarar, Project Manager at Solimpeks Enerji, says. The Turkish manufacturer of solar collectors and storage tanks sells entire systems to TOKI. One of these projects is being installed in the Istanbul suburb of Kayabaşi, in which TOKI is building 60,000 flats. The second project is being realised in the Yapracik district of Ankara, and comprises of 9,000 units.

Turkey is a perfect example of how demographic development drives social housing construction. Turkey´s population has grown rapidly throughout the years, and the country’s major cities are experiencing rapid urban growth as a result. TOKI writes on its website: “Many end up settling in unauthorised squats, bringing along many problems, such as urban poverty, degradation of the urban environment and loss of natural resources.” Hence, three years ago, TOKI committed itself to increasing its own national housing stock to 400,000 units. The government agency was founded in 1984 with the aim of combining resources in Turkey’s social housing projects.

Source: http://www.solarthermalworld.org/



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