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Somos un fabricante de captadores solares térmicos desde 1973 con conocimientos desde el principio.

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Solimpeks con su I + D con productos innovadores sabiendo que la energía solar es futuro.

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Más de 20 certificados internacionales son la evidencia de nuestra alta calidad.


Solimpeks Awarded MCS Accreditation


Solimpeks has been gained a place on the MCS list of approved products for its Volther Hybrid PV-T solar panels. Products certificated under the MCS are eligible for financial incentives. For more information about Microgeneration Certification Scheme  visit MCS. If you are in UK and have no any idea about financial incentives for solar energy, you can visit also Energy Saving Trust.



Solar water heaters are gaining importance in Turkey’s social housing projects: Over the last years, the country’s Housing Development Administration (TOKI) has provided a total of 20,000 flats for low-income families with solar hot water. According to Munik Durak, these projects have, for the most part, been realised at newly constructed blocks of flats consisting of 40 to 50 units (see photo). Furthermore, the director of TOKI´s project department stated that TOKI had installed solar heating systems in 100 hospitals all around the country.

Hüdaverdi Yarar, Project Manager at Solimpeks Enerji, says. The Turkish manufacturer of solar collectors and storage tanks sells entire systems to TOKI. One of these projects is being installed in the Istanbul suburb of Kayabaşi, in which TOKI is building 60,000 flats. The second project is being realised in the Yapracik district of Ankara, and comprises of 9,000 units.

Turkey is a perfect example of how demographic development drives social housing construction. Turkey´s population has grown rapidly throughout the years, and the country’s major cities are experiencing rapid urban growth as a result. TOKI writes on its website: “Many end up settling in unauthorised squats, bringing along many problems, such as urban poverty, degradation of the urban environment and loss of natural resources.” Hence, three years ago, TOKI committed itself to increasing its own national housing stock to 400,000 units. The government agency was founded in 1984 with the aim of combining resources in Turkey’s social housing projects.

Source: http://www.solarthermalworld.org/



Solimpeks to provide hot water for Egyptian hotels

Solimpeks Solar Energy Systems Corp. of Turkey, one of the leading manufacturers of state-of-the-art solar thermal energy systems in Europe and the entire Mediterranean region, was selected as eligible supplier to “EGYSOL”, a UN project. EGYSOL is an initiative for the promotion of solar thermal water heating technology for Egyptian hotels in the Red Sea and South Sinai governorates, initiated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in cooperation with the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) and the New and Renewable Energy Authority of Egypt (NREA). Solimpeks with headquarters in Konya has successfully completed the evaluation process and can now be selected as a technology supplier of solar thermal energy systems to hotels in the corresponding regions as part of the EGYSOL project.



Acceptance by European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) Confirmed

Solimpeks Solar Energy Systems Corp. of Konya/Turkey, the leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art solar thermal energy systems in Europe and the entire Mediterranean region has been accepted as a member of ESTIF, the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation, with immediate effect. Xavier Noyon, Secretary General of ESTIF, announced in Brussels that Solimpeks was unanimously accepted as the first member with company headquarters in Turkey. Solimpeks Corporate Communications Manager Emine Bozkurt welcomed ESTIF’s decision and emphasized the company’s intentions of consolidating its position in the European market with the objective of achieving market leadership. Her company, Bozkurt promised, will be a worthy representative of Turkey among the top players in the industry.

Acting on behalf of producers, service providers and national solar associations, the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation ESTIF (www.estif.org) with more than 100 members from about twenty countries, represents 95% of the European market for solar thermal products. The association coordinates the “Solar Days” campaign and organises the biannual “estec”, the largest conference for thermal solar technology in the world. ESTIF is also a founding member of EREC, the European Renewable Energy Council.

Solimpeks Solar Energy Corp., the leading Turkish manufacturer of solar collectors, has opened its first foreign branch office in Munich. Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs, Martin Zeil, welcomes the decision: “This is a particularly pleasing signal shortly before the opening of the Bavarian Representation in Istanbul. The recruitment of Solimpeks also underscores the top-class framework conditions in Bavaria. A highly qualified labour force, an excellent research network and high purchasing power continue to be convincing arguments for innovative companies from all over the world.” Initially Solimpeks plans to create five new jobs in the sales division. In the longer term, the Turkish company intends to also invest in research and development in the state capital. The fact that the choice fell on Bavaria was due not only to close ties with component suppliers from Bavaria. “We opted for Bavaria because Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg make up nearly half of the German market for solar thermal systems. We were also convinced by Bavaria’s favourable strategic location for the solar sector: It is very easy to reach Italy, Austria and Switzerland from here”, explained Johannes Hoek, member of the Executive Board of Solimpeks. In future the company plans to set up a new centre in Munich for developing hybrid solar modules. This technology combines the production of electricity and thermal energy. With its registered office in Munich, Solimpeks Solar GmbH is the first foreign branch office of the Turkish company. Solimpeks celebrated its 30th anniversary last year and has more than 300 employees in total. The company headquarters are based in Konya, about 300 kilometres to the south of Ankara. Solimpeks offers more than 100 solutions for the use of solar energy, ranging from boilers and solar thermal collectors to photovoltaic modules. The company currently exports its products to 60 countries. Turkey is one of Bavaria’s 20 most important trading partners worldwide, ahead of countries like India, Canada or Brazil. In 2008, the volume of trade came to nearly euro 4 billion. Bavaria is further expanding its good business relations with Turkey: On 18 March 2010, the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Martin Zeil, will be opening a new Bavarian representative office in Istanbul. The State currently has 21 foreign representations round the world, which help Bavarian exporters to open up markets and inform foreign companies about the benefits of having a branch office in Bavaria.